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Your Right to Decide what is Best for Your Child is Not Absolute.

The MCGRATH GIBSON our Jacksonville child custody lawyers fight tenaciously to assure that our clients remain actively involved in their children’s lives. All too often, animosities between parents going through a divorce will push one parent or the other to fight for sole custody and exclusive guardianship of the children to avoid having to interact with the other parent. Most of the time this is not what is best for the children, but some will stop at nothing and without the skill of an experienced child custody lawyer, you could be partially or completely separated from your children.

Child Custody in Florida.

A parent’s right to make decisions concerning their child’s welfare is not absolute, a court may intervene. In Florida it has been the longstanding policy of the courts that parental responsibility should be shared, even after a divorce. For issues involving minor children courts use the “Best interests” test that is used for all matters involving minor children. Courts will look at a variety of factors centering on what is best for the child. The judge has great discretion to award child support and child custody, and attorneys fees as justice requires. The judge may fashion any order that seems fit. The court may also order mediation and possibly arbitration.

A minor child’s natural parents are that child’s natural guardians, unless the child is born out of wedlock. The mother is the natural guardian if she is not married to the father. And there is no distinction between natural-born children and adopted children.

Both parents have a duty of support for their child until the child reaches the age of 18.

Shared parental responsibility is preferred unless it would be detrimental to the child’s wellbeing. Parents must confer with each other and jointly determine major decisions. The Courts will resolve disputes by applying the “best interests of the child test”, which includes access to records and information pertaining to child. Courts will award sole parental responsibility only if shared parental responsibility is determined by the court to be detrimental to the child.  Sole parental responsibility means that only one of the child’s parents makes decisions concerning the child.

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Child custody, Child Support and Child Visitation or Timesharing can obviously be complicated and very sensitive matters. If you are facing a divorce or separation that involves a child, let the Jacksonville child custody lawyers at McGRATH GIBSON help you navigate these complicated laws and assure that you and your children’s rights are protected.

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